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Replacing my Asus Zenbook UX21A battery

- 1 minute read

(This review was originally posted to Amazon as my review of the Green Cell C23-UX21 replacement battery was rejected by Amazon. Possibly because I used the...

Sourdough bread in a breadmaker

- 4 minute read

I’ve had periods of keeping a sourdough starter going previously, but the loaves of bread I made were disappointing. The only success I had was making some ...

LibreOffice 5.3.3 and embedded documents

- 1 minute read

As our lab is entirely Ubuntu/Linux (with a smattering of windows machines for hardware where there is no Linux alternative), one of my bugbears is going to ...

Aaron and Evan’s Xmas Cards

- less than 1 minute read

Had Christmas cards off our Nephews in Portsmouth. I thought they were hand made but turns out they have been professionally printed with their name and eve...

Welcome to the new jekyll-based blog

- less than 1 minute read

This is a new version of the blog on Digital Ocean. I took the opportunity to move the top level site across at the same time. It uses Jekyll and the Minim...

Rhys Phillips - Interview with Ginger Baker

- less than 1 minute read

Our son, Rhys Phillips, has a jazz show on Radio Cardiff . In June 2013 he interviewed Ginger Baker. It’s a fascinating recording. Enjoy.